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Editorials: Today's Edboard (8/24)

Morning, all:

The Erie County Fair's over, so I guess summer must be gone, too. Despite that, though, we're still scraping by with vacation-level staffing.

So we're looking at only one thing today, and that's the tragic fire in the Bailey-Genesee area. It's heartbreaking, and it's also a reminder of the dangers firefighters face. Editorially, we sometimes have to  note the problems with funding firefighter salaries -- that job never will pay enough, but there obviously are limits to what cities can afford -- but there never has been a question over the heroism and willingness to sacrifice brought to the job by those who serve. This is deeply painful, and our thoughts are with the families of the firefighters who died.

Another note: Shortly, we'll be posting the blog screen for editorial writer Dawn Bracely's from-the-scene postings tonight from the mayoral candidate night at True Bethel Baptist Church. Mayor Brown didn't accept an invitation to that event but challenger Mickey Kearns did, so it could be an interesting evening. Dawn will be there, and when she goes live on-line you'll be able to post comments and send her suggestions for questions as well. 

-Mike Vogel  


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