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Editorials: Today's edboard (8/31)

Hi, everyone. I can't believe I just typed "8/31" in that header. August is gone after today -- and I still don't have any feeling that summer arrived.

Anyway, we're picking up a few topics today -- health care reform (again), and proposed changes in state ethics review panels/rules, and we're continuing work on some older topics not yet finished.

See you in September. Great, now I won't be able to get that song out of my head . . .

-mike vogel

Editorials: Today's edboard (8/28)

Hi, all:

Only one writer today, and he's pretty busy, so we're adding only one new topic -- the delisting of 10 city schools from the state's troubled-school list. A tiny bit of good news on a day made sad by the funerals for two firefighters.

Spent some of our time talking about the state legislature, taxes and fees, too. None of those are in the good news category.

Have a great weekend . . .

-mike vogel

Editorial: Vigilance against swine flu

Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore is pushing hard for more stringent precautions against the spread of swine flu when the opening of the school year brings children -- who are especially vulnerable to the H1N1 virus strain -- back into close proximity in the confines of classrooms and school buses.

Rumore doesn't think the city school district is doing enough. The district counters that it's distributing hand sanitizers, is updating its policies to follow new CDC giuidance, and has hired a physician to oversee and monitor its efforts.

Overkill, or not enough?

Today's edboard (8/27) and Sunday's Viewpoints

Morning, all:

Today's edboard included more discussion of federal deficits, and (shorthanded as we remain this week), we decided to take a look at NY Rep. Charlie Rangel's tax problems -- a recurring thing for the guy who chairs a tax code-writing committee. Still working on a lot of earlier topics.

Sunday's Viewpoints will be quite the political package -- there'll be a bit on Ted Kennedy, but the two main stories will be looks at how history's treating Richard nixon (this month is the 35th anniversary of his resignation) and Jimmy Carter (the 30th anniversary of his "Malaise" speech). Back to school, for history.

-mike vogel

Editorials: Today's edboard (8/26)

Hi, and sorry I'm late to the blog today -- very hectic morning, in administrative rather than journalistic stuff.

Anyway, we had some obvious topics this morning -- Ted Kennedy's death, the ballooning federal deficit and the Homeland Security decision on the Peace Bridge plaza. So we'll look at those, and probably get an "obitorial" on Sen. kennedy into tomorrow's paper.

-mike vogel

Editorials: Today's edboard (8/25)

Hello, everyone:

Today's short editorial board meeting including some discussion of mayoral politics, and of UB's plans for medical school relocation downtown. We decided to pick up that relocation as a topic, along with the new information about interrogation techniques used in the war on terror. 

Dawn's live posting from the mayoral forum at True Bethel Baptist Church contributed mightily to the more thn a thousand page views this blog had yesterday. By the way, the church provided the meeting facilities but was not involved in hosting the event.

-Mike Vogel

Town Hall with Michael "Mickey" Kearns

The Buffalo Association of Black Journalists is hosting a forum with Buffalo mayoral candidate Michael "Mickey" Kearns at 7:30 p.m. at True Bethel Baptist Church. Please join us for a "live chat," pose your questions to the candidate or just read while I post comments from the scene. See you here at 7:30.

Dawn Marie Bracely

Editorials: Today's Edboard (8/24)

Morning, all:

The Erie County Fair's over, so I guess summer must be gone, too. Despite that, though, we're still scraping by with vacation-level staffing.

So we're looking at only one thing today, and that's the tragic fire in the Bailey-Genesee area. It's heartbreaking, and it's also a reminder of the dangers firefighters face. Editorially, we sometimes have to  note the problems with funding firefighter salaries -- that job never will pay enough, but there obviously are limits to what cities can afford -- but there never has been a question over the heroism and willingness to sacrifice brought to the job by those who serve. This is deeply painful, and our thoughts are with the families of the firefighters who died.

Another note: Shortly, we'll be posting the blog screen for editorial writer Dawn Bracely's from-the-scene postings tonight from the mayoral candidate night at True Bethel Baptist Church. Mayor Brown didn't accept an invitation to that event but challenger Mickey Kearns did, so it could be an interesting evening. Dawn will be there, and when she goes live on-line you'll be able to post comments and send her suggestions for questions as well. 

-Mike Vogel  

Editorials: today's edboard (8/21)

Good morning, and TGIF.

At today's editorial board meeting, we got outraged at the welcome Libya gave the Lockerbie bomber (they're now trying to low-profile that) and decided to look closely at the Afghanistan election turnout. We're also looking at broadband needs in rural areas, a key issue there.

Not to mention looking forward to the weekend.

-Mike Vogel

Editorials: Today's edboard (8/20)

Hi, everyone:

A little bit of an upbeat mood today -- we're going towork up editorials on the outpouring of volunteer support for flood victims in Gowanda and on the good news on the job front (GEICO, FMC and the cancelation of planned summer layoffs at GM Powertrain). We'll also look again at the One Sunset fiasco and the city hall culture that fostered it, and comment on the governor's comments during his visit to the edboard yesterday.

Oh, yeah, we also debated health care reform. Again. Seems as if you guys can't get enough of that either. Which, all told, is a good thing.

Right now, I need coffee (this is where I'm supposed to open a Twitter account and tweet "vogel's going 4 coffee," as if anybody cared, but I'm too old for that. Thank God.). So, 'til tomorrow ...

-Mike Vogel 

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