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Editorials: Today's edboard meeting (8/19)

Good morning, all --

Vacation-light schedule again today; we discussed health care again, and the upcoming mayoral elections, but for immediate topics decided to deal with swine flu and the school season, and comment on the debt collector crackdown story.

-Mike Vogel

Editorials: End the health care chaos

Confused about health care reform? Welcome to the club. President Obama and the Congress have done a fine job of muddying the waters on this, with the help of protesters and a lot of Internet spread of misinformation and misrepresentations.

Then again, at least we've had time to think about this -- the White House wanted a comprehensive thousand-page bill impacting a sixth of the American economy rammed through on a political deadline of just a few weeks. Surely this needs more attention and discussion than that!

Politics. Policy. Not always an easy marriage.

Today's editorial discusses the confusion and opines that current costs need to becurbed before we can just add millions of people to insurance plans by fiat. And there are some links to Web sites, and contact info for your congresspersons. Have at it, if you wish.

-Mike Vogel 

Editorials: Today's edboard meeting (8/18)

Hi, everyone:

Today's editorial board meeting was dominated by discussion/debate over health care reform, although we didn't come out of that with a specific editorial assignment for anyone. It's part of the ongoing discussion, and we have some editorials on it pretty much ready to run. Tomorrow's page also will include some Web links to bill texts and plan comparisons that I hope folks will find helpful.

When that dust settled, we picked up the Amherst texting-while-driving law as a topic and started work toward a Labor Day editorial on the tough economic times for workers. There's also a video editorial still in progress, and we have to do some prep work for separate meetings tomorrow with the governor and the power authority chairman.

-Mike Vogel

Editorials: Edboard meeting 8/17

Hello again, everyone.

Here's what we've debated today, with an eye toward editorials: The granting of huge tax breaks for pricey waterfront condos (with a nod toward some more worthwhile governmental housing assistance inland), the recent spike in shootings and homicides, and efforts by a utility company to curb energy usage.

Comments and suggestions, as always, are welcome.

-Mike Vogel, back form vacation

Editorials: Edboard 8/13

 Editorial subjects bouncing around our fevered brows:

- Statler sold for $1.3 million; complete overhaul planned. Sounds like great news. But we've had our hopes dashed before.

- Report: Cheney felt Bush stopped taking his advice. The former vice president is said to be shopping Madcheney a book in which he will explain all the ways George W. Bush went soft (i.e., stopped listening to Cheney and Rumsfeld) in his second term. It'll be an indictment, for sure. But of whom? [Story broken by The Washington Post.]

- Some representatives shun town hall-type meetings. Rep. Eric Massa has hosted one of those town hall meetings where people, who may or may not have a clue what they are yelling about, have been disruptive and uncivil. Or bravely standing up for their rights. Rep. Brian Higgins hasn't.

- Nada Espada! (from The New York Post, if you hadn't already guessed that from the exclamation mark). Here's why we need newspapers: Powerful N.Y. state senator's son quits his (apparently no-show) job after the Post raises questions and the attorney general seeks answers.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News   

Editorials: Today's edboard (8/11)

 Ideas we're all knocking around for editorials:Eunice

-  A tribute to Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics, who died early Tuesday at age 88. [Here she is with brother Ted in a 1983 AP photo].

- Demanding some kind of new rule that will save airline passengers from spending hours on the taxiway, going nowhere, when the terminal is only feet away.

- Viewing with concern the idea that American troops in Afghanistan focus on the drug trafficking that is killing users and funding the Taliban. Worthy goal. Hasn't done wonders for Mexico.

What are we missing here?

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News

Editorials: Today's edboard 8/10

   What's wrong with this picture? The Boss is on vacation, and we're still working. Oh, well. Gotta look Percolator indispensible.

   Here's some of what is percolating in our editorial brains today:
- Sunday's Buffalo News article about how retired politicians use hundreds of thousands of dollars in leftover campaign cash to buy themselves value as lobbyists.
- Editor Margaret Sullivan's Sunday column calling on Buffalo Mayor Bryon W. Brown to stop stonewalling and start obeying state laws that require the public's records to be made available to the public.
- A short article in today's News about a dispute between the Village of Hamburg and the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority over whether NFTA should sell off a railroad right of way that could either be sold for an estimated $1.2 million or kept for the day -- whenever that is -- that NFTA is ready to extend Metro Rail service to the Southtowns.


-- George Pyle

Editorials: Today's edboard (8/7)

Hi, everyone --

Actually, there was no edboard meeting today. I have only one writer, and she's finishing up a video editorial project on the status of the Richardson complex restoration project. Next week, though, I assume we'll take a closer look at UB's desire to move its medical school downtown.

I say assume because I won't be here. I'll be taking a scheduled vacation but using at least part of it to put back together a basement flooded by this week's biblical deluge. The Erie County Fair and a ball game should even things up, though. Enjoy your week,  too!

-mike vogel  

Editorials: Today's edboard (8/6)

Hi, everyone:

Still shorthanded today (and yes indeed, it's because of vacations) and today's the day we put together the Sunday section, so we've got just two new topics open -- Hillary Clinton's comments in Kenya re Africa getting its act together, and an environmental court flap regarding hydropower and fisheries.

And thanks for the offer of help, BobbyCat. As to where to send that Free Love editorial, wait a minute, I think I've still got the Courier's address around here somewhere . . .

-mike vogel

Editorials: Today's edboard (8/5)

Good morning, all:

Shorthanded today, so few topics today. We're going to be looking at the release of the North Korean captives, a commission report on state assets and a state pension reform proposal.

-mike vogel 

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