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Editorials: Today's editorial board meeting (9/30)

Hi, all:

I can't believe we're putting together pages with an October date on them. I'm still waiting for summer.

At today's edboard, we decided to look at Iran's nuclear facilities and some congressional action, at last, on wrongful convictions. Also talked a bit about the November elections, which will be a continuing conversation for us.

-Mike Vogel

Editorials: Today's editorial board meeting (9/29)

Good morning -- or at least it might have been, if you're not a Route 5 or Thruway commuter. If you were, today might have made you think about the wisdom of that harbor plan that would have made the Route 5 corridor there into a local-traffic parkway. And that's without snow.

Anyway, when we finally did get a meeting together, we decided to look at drilling in Allegany State Park, city school superintendent James Williams' vision of neighborhoods rebuilding around schools, and the prospects for next summer's Empire State Games here.

-Mike Vogel

William Safire, 1929-2009

   By the time we met him, William Safire had already won a Pulitzer Prize, owned two of the best corners of real estate an opinion writer can aspire to, joined the panel of Meet the Press, published several books [including one that, I was happy to have the chance to tell him, didn't get nearly the attention it deserved], wrote speeches in the White House and coined a phrase or two that will be remembered as long as there are politicians and pundits. [He'd also kept me company over many a bagel and cup of coffee. He never paid, but he didn't eat much, either.]

   And still, he told my wife and me that he envied us.


   Rebecca, being the more intelligent of the pair, didn't want to talk politics at the pre-speech reception, about five years ago at the Salt Lake City Public Library. She wanted to talk literature. What books did he like? What would he recommend?

   He went for the classic. Moby Dick, he said. We had to admit, Zelig-like, that neither of us had read it.

   Well, then, he said, then you still have that to look forward to. I envy you.

   Well, Bill, we still haven't read it.  But I read a great deal of what you wrote over the years, and you will be missed.

   More from Bill Lucey, Dennis B. Roddy, The Daily Beast, Janet Daley, The Christian Science Monitor, The Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News

Editorials: Today's editorial board meeting (9/28)

Hi, all:

Only one writer today, and half the day will be taken up with Web work. So only one new topic today -- the mayor's plan to take back the parks and to check into Olmsted Conservancy hiring.

-mike vogel

Editorials: Today's editorial board meeting (9/25)

Hi, all:

Only a cursory meeting today, as all but two of us were needed elsewhere. So the only new topic we'll pick up for today is Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's reluctance to rule out new taxes to close the budget gap.

Have a nice weekend, despite that. I was out early today, just after 5 a.m., and the stars were spectacular -- but I couldn't help noticing that the most spectacular cluster was Orion, a winter constellation.

-mike vogel

Editorial: Shrink now, expand later

Here's the unvarnished message from The News' editorial board: Fix the cost problems with health care first, before expanding the insurance pool to include all those now without coverage.

Fix the costs, and insurance becomes more affordable and the number of the uninsured then shrinks. Just expand, and you're just expanding a broken system and driving up costs even more.

Reform is needed because the current rate of cost escalation is unsustainable; we're paying more than anybody else, and we're not getting better health care outcomes. While insuring everybody is a good goal (and universal coverage is not the same as universal health care access, already available because hospitals can't just turn anyone away), America must first get a handle on the costs.

Editorials: Today's edboard meeting (9/25)

Hi, everyone:

What we're ruminating on today -- the Niagara County Legislature's call for a new law restricting Empire State Development Corp., and the financial page story about the wealthy fleeing New York State to avoid the Legislature's latest tax-the-rich hit. Who'dve thought?

-mike vogel

Editorials: Today's edboard (9/23)

Hi, all --

Too many "outside" meetings today (three groups coming in) for a long edboard meeting, but we spent some time talking about a special project and we'll pick up daily topics -- the lieutenant governor court ruling, Amherst's deficit and the Patriot Act reauthorization debate.

-mike vogel

Editorials: Today's edboard (9/22)

Hi, everyone:

A few folks missing, so a short meeting today. We also have the director of the Adirondack Park Council and downstate Assemblyman Richard Brodsky coming in this afternoon so there's a bit of a time crunch; we usually can do only one such policy-maker meeting a day.

So today we'll be doing some research on Afghanistan policy, the Social Security proposals as they relate to existing law, and the county jail contract talks.

-mike vogel 

Editorial: Cut the deficit

Today's editorial reviews the pitiful state attempt to cut its work force by offering a $20,000 buyout -- nowhere near enough to convince anyone not already headed out the door that it would be a good idea to give up a good-paying, obviously secure job.

Payroll is a significant part of the taxpayer-funded state budget, and the state can't just keep pretending it's OK to do business as usual. But in Albany, they've actually been adding jobs while everyone in the private sector has been forced to confront layoffs and firings. Hello????

Here's your chance to comment, but don't forget to tell the folks in Albany what you think, too. You can do that via or or the "contact the governor" link at .

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