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Editorials: Today's edboard (9/15)

Hi, all:

Took a day off yesterday to complete recovery from an injury, and there was no editorial board meeting. But there was today, and for topics we centered on work on the Niagara River Greenway, the Brookings Institute's positive view of the Buffalo economy and a combination of court rejection of the SEC deal with Bank of America executives and Obama's remarks on Wall Street.

We also talked about today's primary and the steps leading up to it. And we decided to implement a policy change, because of the apparent organization of letter-writing campaigns; starting in November, the cut-off for publication of election-oriented letters to the editor will be a full week before Election Day, not the Sunday before. We'll print something to that effect in the letters column as the election approaches. The cut-off doesn't apply to the Web pages' articles and blogs.

-mike vogel 


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