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Riding through one of Buffalo's Markets

So, I’m riding my bicycle to work and decide to stop at the Downtown Country Market that sets up twice a week along Main Street, being drawn toward the fresh produce and scrumptious apples in particular.  This is a far departure from my last foray here when I decided to pick up a few items for the office which included jelly candy, a choice that got roundly and dutifully criticized by my coworkers for purchasing one of the few unhealthy available items. (Of course, they had no problem helping me eat it).


My recent excursion to one of Buffalo’s local farmers' markets got me thinking about the issue of access to fresh producefarmers' markets in general and smart growth. My colleague George Pyle wrote an excellent series on the subject of farmers' markets: Neighborhood Dining: It's time to eat locally; Past and Present: Broadway Market and Lexington Co-Op and Seeing the face of the farmer.


Farmers market  


As part of a general push to save Rust Belt cities including upstate New York, experts discuss smart growth initiatives and ways to enhance the downtown core.  Personally, I’ve only lived in Buffalo for nearly 10 years but spent the previous decade down the Thruway in Rochester.  Both cities evoke similar statements of curiosity and incredulity when telling my hometown Washington D.C.-suburban Maryland friends where I’m currently living.  “It’s cold up there!” and, “What about the snow!” Well, yes, but there are also many reasons why natives try to return after leaving and those who’ve moved here decide to stay -- despite the stray bus rider, or two!


It’s all food for thought.


Dawn Marie Bracely/Editorial Writer


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