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At least throw this bum out

   The Buffalo News leads its Opinion section today with an editorial call for the New York State Senate to
- Oust Monserrate
   It's time for Hiram Monserrate to take his leave.
   Convicted of a misdemeanor for a vicious assault on his girlfriend, the Bronx Democrat now either needs to resign from his seat in the State Senate or be expelled by the chamber itself.
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   Among those who agree:
- Dan Collins - The Huffington Post
   There is only one possible upside to the pathetic, miserable, appalling story of state Senator Hiram Monserrate Monserrate: Teenagers are not generally known to take state legislators as role models.
New York Mayor Michael Bloomburg - The New York Daily News
- Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand ["Chuck, Gilly: Bye, Hiram"] - The New York Post

   The only dissent my Web searching can find is from Monserrate colleague Sen. Kevin Parker, a fellow member of the Legislature's Charged With Assault Caucus.
- Parker A 'No' Vote For Ousting Monserrate - Elizabeth Benjamin/The New York Daily News
   Parker, who has, like his colleague, pleaded not guilty to felony assault and other charges.... In other words, if things don't go Parker's way, he could be next.

   Caught in the middle is Democratic Senate Conference Leader John Sampson [contact] who, The Albany Times-Union reports, is about to follow the Senate's own procedure and name a nine-member committee to consider ouster proceedings. 

   Waiting for every member of the Legislature to beat somebody up might take awhile. But it may be all we've got.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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