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Editorials: Today's editorial board meeting (10/27)

Okay, no issues-related editorial board meeting today either, as we're deep in the end stages of the endorsement process and you'll be seeing endorsement editorials through Saturday. But you can bet the board spent some time this morning talking about Chris Collins' foot-in-mouth moment -- with his main opponent, and most of the local GOP heavy contributors, in the room. Talk about timing!

-mike vogel

P.S.  There's a bit of a hallowwen theme going on with tomorrow's syndicated op-ed columns. Kathleen Parker defends Republicans in a piece she titles "Franken sense," and Froma Harrop's column on health care reform plays repeatedly off a "phantom of the option" concept. But the scariest of all is liberal comumnist Clarence Page -- he's agreeing with Sean Hannity.


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