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If you can't say something nice ...

  For some reason, the chin-strokers on The Buffalo News Opinion page were in a good mood, and today we were able to fit three point-with-pride editorials in the same space where we usually cram two view-with-alarm jobs. [Apparently, it takes fewer words to praise than to condemn.]

- Reform — and improve
   Sometimes it pays to hear people talk common sense. That's what occurred this week at a hearing on New York's soon-to-expire Empire Zone program. Developers and other speakers told Assemblyman Robin Schimminger the truth about what needs to happen. The question now is how much — or whether — the truth matters in Albany.

- Canisius draws on experience
    After a national search for a new president, the board of Canisius College decided it didn’t have to look Hurley any further than its own back yard. Or its own executive suite, where Tuesday John J. Hurley [right], executive vice president and vice president for college relations, was named the president of Buffalo’s foremost private college. ... [News article. Canisius announcement, w/video.]
   Canisius College’s marketing slogan is “Where leaders are made.” Hurley’s rise to the top job of his alma mater is very much in support of that claim.

- Penney deserves thanks
   Every community needs a Charles Rand Penney. Fortunately for Lockport—and all of Western New York, for that matter—it has Charles Rand Penney.
   The art collector, whose name is emblazoned on Buffalo’s Burchfield Penney Art Center, has announced that he will donate his entire collection of Niagara County-themed art and artifacts to the Erie Canal Discovery Center. The collection comprises nearly 5,000 items. It’s a substantial gift.

  OK. Enough sweetness and light. Check in over the weekend to see if we are back to our usual grumpy selves.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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