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Is voting emotional?

Hi, all. There was an edboard meeting today, but it was just to discuss endorsements. We'll be busy researching and writing the endorsement editorials, which start Wednesday.

In the meantime, I noticed this quote in the paper today and decided to use it as one of our page quote-outs tomorrow: "There's real anger on the right, and that anger isn't matched by enthusiasm on the left. So the emotion is on the side of the far right. And voting has become very emotional." (C. Dean Debham, Public Policy Polling president).

Is voting emotional, or rational -- or is it both, but in what combination. I still think it's mostly rational, but there is a great deal of anger out there (as an example of which, Tom Golisano will be expressing some anger with us, in this Sunday's Viewpoints section; I've got an interesting job, one in which I get to beat myself up a lot).

-mike vogel


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