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More on Monserrate

   Two of New York City's big newsprint players have pitched in on the Monserrate mess, each with a useful bigger-picture angle:

 - New York State Senate should police its own - Newsday
  If the Senate doesn't act, voters will have their say next year. But New York elections seem all but rigged in incumbents' favor. Just getting on the ballot requires a team of legal experts. Campaign finance rules on the state level allow virtually limitless donations - favoring officeholders over challengers. Name recognition, safe districting and member-item cash to spread around the community put a virtual lock on an incumbent's chances.
   Until lawmakers can re-tilt this playing field, they need to enforce some standards.

- Senator Monserrate Must Go - The New York Times 
   The New York State Legislature has a lot of important business on deck. It must attend to an alarming budget deficit. It needs a major housecleaning, from campaign finance to redistricting. It does not need to be distracted or consumed by the reprehensible behavior of one senator. The best outcome is for Mr. Monserrate to acknowledge his duty and quit.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News 


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