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Iraq's body count keeps growing

   The lead editorial in Sunday's Buffalo News Opinion section was headlined:
- Iraq paid a heavy price
    Those who favored the war in Iraq are right to claim that, in an important sense, it was a mission accomplished. The vile dictator Saddam Hussein was deposed, along with his secret police, his enmity for Israel and whatever ambitions he might have harbored toward an arsenal of mass destruction.
   But would the American people have stood for the expedition — would the Iraqi people have said thanks but no thanks — had we and they but known that the cost of the strife that followed was, by a new and clearly conservative estimate, the deaths of more than 85,000 Iraqis?
   [AP report.]

   Maybe that headline should have been in the present tense, like this one:
Baghdad steps up security after bombs kill 155Iraqmap
    Iraqi security forces blocked streets around the capital Monday and conducted intense searches at checkpoints as authorities investigated the massive security failure that allowed two truck bombs to strike what was supposed to be one of the city's safest areas and kill 155 people.
   The country's worst attacks in more than two years on Sunday targeted the Justice Ministry and Baghdad Provincial Administration in the heart of the capital, calling into question Iraq's ability to protect itself as it prepares for January elections and the U.S. military withdrawal.

- A resilient Baghdad on a day of horror by David Ignatius/The Washington Post 
- Eyes on the Prize by Thomas L. Friedman/The New York Times
- Iraq is safer – but by no means safe by Patrick Cockburn/The (U.K.) Independent
- Carnage and corruption in Iraq by Sami Ramadani/The (U.K.) Guardian
   It is tragic that Iraq hits the headlines only if there is a major explosion with hundreds killed and injured. Yesterday's carnage in Baghdad is the second of its kind in two months, and yet another horrific reminder that the Iraqi people are still paying with their blood for the US-led invasion and occupation of their country.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News




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