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Things don't go better with Tonawanda Coke

   The other Buffalo News editorial today argues that the apparent air pollution from the Tonawanda Coke Corp. plant is a matter that has to be faced -- if not by the company, then by federal regulators.
- Cut plant emissions
    Company owner J.D. Crane has refused repeated requests to talk to this newspaper, the public and Cokeprotest members of the Western New York congressional delegation, although the firm is facing allegations that its emissions are sickening the surrounding community.
   [Related News article. Sen. Charles Schumer press release.]

   Meanwhile, The Chicago Tribune reports on a pending crackdown on pollution bordering a different Great Lake.
- Obama's EPA cracks down, orders more tests for BP refinery
    The Obama administration is cracking down on BP as the oil company overhauls its massive refinery in northwest Indiana, one of the largest sources of air pollution in the Chicago area. ...
   In a 24-page order, the agency directed Indiana to take a new look at several sources of air pollution at the Whiting refinery, 15 miles southeast of downtown Chicago. The results are due in 90 days.
   The decision is a policy shift by the EPA. In the last months of the Bush administration, the agency signed off on the BP project and rejected the concerns raised in Monday's order by President Barack Obama's EPA.
   [EPA press release. EPA order.]

   And McClatchy Newspapers are out with a report on how different kinds of coal-sourced air pollution are killing us:
- Report looks at hidden health costs of energy production
    Generating electricity by burning coal is responsible for about half of an estimated $120 billion in yearly costs from early deaths and health damages to thousands of Americans from the use of fossil fuels, a federal advisory group said Monday.
    [The report, from the National Research Council, is here. Press release here.]

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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