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Throw the bums out.

   The lead editorial in today's Buffalo News Opinion section questions the conduct of one New York state senator from the other end of the state:
- An outrageous hire
    New York Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. has no business spending $70,000 a year — plus Espada bennies — to install a friend of a friend in a job that is purported to connect the Bronx politician with the needs of Western New York. [Related news article. Previous outrage.]

   An editorial in Sunday's New York Daily News questions the conduct of a New York state senator from their own end of the state:
- New York's porkiest pig
   Meet the porkiest of Albany's parade of Porky Pigs, Sen. Craig Johnson. As the state goes broke, Johnson is dishing out millions of tax dollars to his mostly well-off Long Island constituents.
   Why? You must be new to Albany. To get Johnson reelected, obviously.

   And an editorial in today's New York Times questions the conduct of every single member of the New York Legislature:
- Fed Up With Albany
   The clock is ticking. In one year, unless the Albany crowd pulls off some miracle, which we doubt will happen, it will be up to the voters to get them out, all of them.
   Leave it to The Times to take the global view.

   The Post-Star over in Glens Falls wonders if what we need is a new crop of voters:
- He stands alone. But why?
   What does it say about New York state voters that the guy with the 20 percent approval rating keeps coming up with ways to cut the state budget, while the guys with the 98 percent re-election rate are conspicuously and irresponsibly silent on the subject?
   What it says is that voters have no idea how much trouble they're in for.


 -- George Pyle/The Buffalo News  


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