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Where we stand on the 'Stans.

   The lead editorial on today's Buffalo News Opinion page determines that the move by the Pakistani army against Taliban and al-Qaida forces in that nation amounts to a mixed blessing for the Obama administration:
- Pakistan takes action Pakistan
   Being so dependent on the actions of a body that has, in the past, been allied with some factions of the Muslim Taliban and al-Qaida and hostile only toward Hindu India cannot be an attractive prospect at the White House or the Pentagon. But this is one of those times when, at least for now, our enemy's enemy is our friend, and we can only hope for their success.

   The Wall Street Journal lobs a two-fer at Obama:
- Obama Goes Wobbly on Afghanistan by Karl Rove
- Will Obama Finally Pay Attention to Sudan? by John Prendergast

   As does The New York Times:
- More Troops Are a Bad Bet by Nicholas D. Kristof
- There’s No Substitute for Troops on the Ground  by Max Boot (Wonder why this piece wasn't headlined "boots on the ground" - even though he really went to Kabul.)

- Pakistan fights back by David Ignatius/The Washington Post

- Karzai Salesman: How John Kerry got the Afghan leader to see sense by Fred Kaplan/Slate

- Nobody wins in the Afghan runoff election by Rajan Menon/The Los Angeles Times

- Army’s message to the Mehsud - Editorial/The Daily Times of Lahore, Pakistan 

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News 


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