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Bad news. Good news.

   Over here in the Will Opine For Food corner, the cliche is that editorial writers know how to do two things: Point with pride and view with alarm. We usually say it in that order, I think, because the starting with the alliterative part makes better poetry. But there's usually a lot more alarm than pride.

   Like today:
- Lawmakers dodge a solution
   They came, they saw, they ran for cover.
   State lawmakers did absolutely nothing — not a blessed thing — about a pending catastrophe in state finances when they gathered in Albany on Tuesday. Never in the field of American politics have so few Nylegis done so little for so many. They should all resign.
   On-the-scene account from The News' Tom Precious.
   And more opinions from:
- Westchester's Journal-News: Albany lawmakers duck fiscal realities
- Syracuse's Post-Standard: Gov. Paterson is politicking hard, but he's also right
- New York's Daily News: Nothing from nothings: State Senate Dems again fail to do their duty to New Yorkers
Albany's Times Union: An extraordinary waste of time

   Which is only partially balanced by:
- Economic help extended
    Congress has taken some wise steps to protect what is, by all accounts, the beginning of a fragile, and largely jobless, economic recovery. The Senate recently voted overwhelmingly to extend unemployment benefits by 20 weeks, expand the first-time homeowner tax credit and provide tax relief for struggling businesses.

   Maybe the motto should be: View with alarm, accept with relief.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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