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Editorials: Today's editorial board meeting (11/6)

Hi, all. Today's board meeting opened with discussion of the tragedy at Fort Hood, but we're not going to weigh in because the pages are booked through Monday and there will be more time by then for discussion of the motive to emerge. In the meantime, our thoughts are with the families of the victims. Beyond those families, I think the impact will ripple through the military -- soldiers overseas need the anchor of believing home is safe and secure, and that's now shattered. Combat theaters are stressful enough, without that. I have limited exposure to that, more as a journalist than during my Army stint in a different era, but my dad fought for more than two years in the Pacific in WWII and was so concerned about home that once, when his back had been cut a bit by enemy fire, he simply washed off the blood in a jungle stream and refused to let his rifle company put him in for a Purple Heart, just so his wife wouldn't get a wounded-in-action message.

Anyway, this resonates. It should with all of us.

That siad, we're a bit short-staffed so we decided to work on only two topics -- Obama's signing of a bill sending money to Great Lakes remediation, and the budget move to restore $360,000 in Olmsted Parks Conservncy funding for park care.

-mike vogel


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