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Focus on the road. Take in the world.

   Read today's Buffalo News Opinion page, and you'll see why it is hard to grow up in today's world.

   We want young people to understand that, sometimes, they have to concentrate on what they are doing.
- Flag high-risk drivers
   The simple fact is that not all teenagers are equally mature. Not all can be trusted with the privilege of Adamdangerous handling a ton of glass and metal on public roadways. And when one of those teenagers flags himself as unsuited for a license through multiple and frequent violations of traffic laws ... the state needs to be able to act.

   We also want them to have minds that are prepared to absorb the whole world:
- Seeking lessons in China
   There’s a good reason Buffalo School Superintendent James A. Williams should travel to China to foster educational links, even though Buffalo is the third-poorest city in America. It’s that Buffalo shouldn’t stay the third-poorest city forever. ...
   There is no lack of work to be done on city schools’ existing problems, but the global competition will materialize whether or not local school systems are ready. Exploring that future is a good idea, and the superintendent’s time will be well spent in the effort.

   Got that, kids? Remember. Do your homework. No texting while driving. No drinking. No smoking. And no sex until after you've finished law school.

   As you were.

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-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News 



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