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Turkeys in Albany. Stars in Buffalo.

   The lead editorial in today's Buffalo News Opinion section is something we have written about before. And will write about again. Soon. The Legislature's holiday gift to the state's editorial writers, I guess.
- Face the pain
    The turkeys -- uh, lawmakers -- went home for Thanksgiving without having done a thing about a $3.2 billion budget deficit that threatens the state's ability to pay its bills in just a couple of weeks.
   The views of Gov. David Paterson, which put the matter in suitably stark terms, are here.
   The most recent statement on the state budget on the Web site of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is dated March 31. Though if you scroll down his main page a bit you can find some sizzling news on his free cooking oil recovery program.
  The Web page of Senate President Malcolm A. Smith shows him giving away big checks and urging you to find out What My Senator Can Do For Me. [No John F. Kennedy moments here. To bad we don't have any stories like this one, from the L.A. Times: Retired Los Angeles teacher keeps at it, for free.]
- The Albany Times Union: A state lives hand to mouth
- The New York Post: Let Dave Do It
- Newsday: Don't leave cuts up to Paterson
- Glens Falls Post Star: Governor gets it, Legislators don't
- Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: It's not enough for legislators to say 'no'

   But here's something to feel good about, even if it does involve spending public money.
- Playing a cheerful tuneColoredmusicians
    Buffalo’s secret history may not be a secret for much longer thanks to the city’s decision to provide $300,000 toward a museum in the Colored Musicians Club....
   The city made a smart and appropriate decision to provide $300,000 toward the museum. With the city’s long-dormant waterfront finally awakening, and access to the outer harbor improving, more visitors can be expected in the downtown area. It will be a fine thing to finally be able to show off to those people the fascinating, if no longer secret, history of Buffalo’s African-American population.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News
[Photo: Members of The Joe Baudo Big Band rehearse at the Colored Musicians Club, by Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News.]


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