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'Til E. coli do us part...

   Two editorials today about home and hearth. Or household and kitchen.

- Approve gay marriage
   The Senate should approve the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in New York. The Assembly alreadyPattersonaddresses has passed it. Gov. David A. Paterson is primed to sign it. Justice demands it. And no single person in the state of New York will, despite what many fervently believe, be any the worse for it....
   The government's proper role in marriage is to register and, if necessary, enforce the contract entered into by two self-aware adults. If the couple lives happily ever after, the state's role is limited to that of dutiful file clerk. If not, the state may be required to step in to settle disputes involving property, support and custody of minor children
. [That's what most of the state's existing marriage law addresses.]
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- Containing contamination
    How does the American food processing industry test for potentially deadly E. coli germs in your hamburger?
   They put it in your kitchen and see if anyone in your household gets sick. Or dies. ...
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, the first New York senator to sit in that body’s Agriculture Committee in 40 years, has proposed some very helpful legislation that would help to remedy such serious shortfalls in the nation’s food safety regime. Passing those measures is the least that Congress could do.
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   Conclusion: Get married, gay or straight, so you will have someone to take care of you when you get sick.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News  


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