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Canal Side's financial side

Today's top editorial opines that Canal Side is worth the money. Of course, we take a lot more words to say that on the page.

There's $154 million worth of public investment in the pipeline, and planners expect the private sector (primarily Benderson Development and Bass Pro) to add another $140 million to that.

That's a big shot of taxpayer cash for a project in this city, but it doesn't jump out in comparison to other projects in the state, primarily in New York City. President Obama, for example, just announced $151 million in high-speed rail funding that essentially just repairs the train stations (such as they are) in Buffalo and Rochester and adds another track to sections of the current route between Rochester and Albany & Albany and NYC. 

So we think Canal Side is a good investment, and one piece of the overall effort to revitalize Buffalo. You?

-mike vogel


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