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Other bridges, other problems

   As a brief aside, here's a bit about how other folks are fighting about U.S.-Canada bridges, too.

   If you can get past the distressing description of someone else's pride and joy that leads this editorial.

- Bridge too far - The Toledo Blade
   If it seems bizarre that the most economically important border crossing between the United States and Canada is privately owned by a reclusive 82-year-old billionaire, that's because it is bizarre.
   What's even stranger is that
Matthew J. Moroun, usually known as Matty, wants to build a second bridge next to his Ambassador Bridge, won't take an emphatic no from the Canadian government for an answer, and is resorting to increasingly desperate behavior in an attempt to sabotage efforts to build a new, internationally owned and regulated bridge a mile south.
   More background from The Detroit Free Press.
   And I loved this headline from Sunday's P.1: Canadian airports stand on guard [Why this is witty.]

   For The World's Longest Unguarded Border, this frontier sure engenders a lot of fussing.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News
Rousing finish:


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