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Debt and unemployment

Saturday's editorial page mentions two depressing Web sites, one of which shows the mounting national debt while the other offers a short video adaptation of spreading unemployment in the United States. So if the editorial comment alone doesn't ruin your day, and you don't feel like a lot of typing, here are clickable links to both.
Debt clock 

The picture to the right, by the way, is of the national debt clock display in New York City. Two years ago it ran out of digits to express the trillions now involved, so its programmers had to remove the electronic dollar sign to make room for another number, and paint a dollar sign at the edge. Not a good thing.

Meantime, a Web version of the national debt clock -- along with interest costs, population and other figures, is here.

And the unemployment video, which appears to be a student multimedia course final by Latoya Egwuekwe, is here.



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