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My date with Sarah Palin

   A posse of coffee-drinking buddies from my Kansas days were initially depressed when the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce announced that none other than Sarah Palin was to be the speaker for the chamber's annual do at the city's Bicentennial Center arena.

   Another conservative Republican, they sighed.

   Hey, I know, one of them said, let's put on a show of our own. Let's call it Reality Not Celebrity. And let's Meandjack invite, oh, I don't know, some wordy progressive guy like George Pyle to come back and give the keynote.

   So I did.

   The organizers -- or, as they came to be known, the instigators --  quickly sold out the downtown restaurant dining room they'd booked. So we wound up at, of all places, The Salina Country Club.

   I love irony.

   A sampling of the speech was in today's Buffalo News Viewpoints section.

   The full text of my talk is here. [UPDATE: Audio stream added.]

   Salina Journal coverage is here and, oh, yeah, here.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News
[Photo by Tom Dorsey/The Salina Journal]


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