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Dead man budgeting?

   David Paterson's pain could be our gain. If he can hang in long enough.
   The editorial roundabout, running from "Hurry up and decide." to "It's already too late.":
- Standing alone - The Buffalo News
   This is the chance New Yorkers have needed and it still could be an opportunity for Gov. David A. Paterson to leave a legacy that could make a difference. If he survives legal and political challenges and remains in office, he needs to take advantage of it.
   ... his decision not to run could free Paterson to conduct negotiations on the state budget with all the Patersonpain legal clout of his office, wielded without concern for its impact on his election prospects.
- State lawmakers must get focused on state budget deadline - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
   If state lawmakers would show as much interest in tackling the state's now $9 billion-plus budget deficit as Paterson's latest problems, New Yorkers would be much better off.
- Gov. Paterson’s Oath  - The New York Times
   Mr. Paterson has failed to account for his actions. If he can show that he did no wrong, he must do so fully and immediately. If not, he should resign.
- Paterson must be held accountable - Utica Observer-Dispatch
   Paterson already has said he will not seek election in November. Nonetheless, state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo needs to investigate this affair thoroughly so that the public knows what really happened and whether and to what extent administration officials engaged in misconduct.
- The David Paterson story somehow manages to get even worse - Juli Weiner/Vanity Fair
   As this mess no doubt gets even more sordid and contemptible, it is important to keep in mind that Paterson actually chose to do all this instead of just deal with the day or two of bad publicity that would come from a widely criticized Times piece about his aide. He runs his cover-ups like he runs the state, ho ho ho! 
- One more down - The New York Post
   Harry Corbitt, Gov. Paterson's hand-picked State Police superintendent, quit last night, following key Paterson aide David Johnson out the door.
   Paterson, alas, was still hanging in.
- Better go now, Dave - The New York Daily News
   The business of state government ground to a halt yesterday as New York's chief executive holed up behind closed doors in Albany, focused on nothing but a desperate fight to save his political skin.

   And, if you are getting tired of that scandal, how about this one:
- Why Rangel Stepped Aside - The Atlantic Wire
   Charlie Rangel has temporarily stepped down as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

   So it goes.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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