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How to prove you're you

   An editorial in today's Buffalo News Opinion section is looking for

- A better immigration plan
    In order to prove that the person ahead of you in line at the job interview is an illegal immigrant, we are going to have to devise a system that proves that you are not.
   That, as much as any bleeding-heart concern for illegals or sweatshop search for cheap workers, has Social_security_card been the barrier to effective reform of an immigration system that really needs it. And New York Sen. Charles E. Schumer is offering a bold step in the right direction by making a fraud-resistant ID system a key part of his plan.
   Schumer, a Democrat, and South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham, a Republican, have put forward a thoughtful and comprehensive immigration reform plan that deserves the attention of their colleagues, the president and the nation.
   In addition to tougher border enforcement, more green cards for educated workers and a stringent path to citizenship for illegals already here, the plan includes what its backers call a “high-tech, fraud-proof Social Security card.”
   We’ve been fooling around with an alternative, called E-Verify, that is supposed to allow employers to check a central database to see if the Social Security number offered by a new hire matches the government’s records. But it has been shown to be so full of errors, often rejecting people who are clearly native-born citizens, as to be unworkable.

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-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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