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Won't have Paterson to kick around any more?

   New York Gov. David A. Paterson dropped a bombshell ending a week of bombshells Friday when he said he would not, after all, seek to be elected governor in his own right this year.
   [Somebody forgot to tell the people who run his still-operating campaign Web site.]

     And there was much punditry:

- The right decision - Editorial/The Buffalo News
   ...after not quite two years of leadership that inspired few followers, and after weeks of bubbling scandal Paterson030110 that exploded Thursday with serious accusations of a real misuse of official power, Paterson succeeded in making, and making correctly, what must have been the most difficult decision a person in his position could face.
   Paterson announced Friday afternoon that he would not, after all, be a candidate for governor this year.
   It was the right thing to do.
- A rare opportunity arises for Paterson - Tom Precious/The Buffalo News
   Imagine New York state’s government led by a governor who doesn’t care about polls, raising campaign cash or angering powerful special interests.
   That’s where Gov. David A. Paterson sits now. He’s an unshackled governor.
- Gov. Paterson’s Next Steps - The New York Times
   Mr. Paterson’s highest priority must be the budget. It has to be cut carefully, sensibly and fairly to make sure that those who can least afford it do not bear an unequal burden. Now, at least, Mr. Paterson does not have to worry about union television ads or special-interest lobbying.
- Not good enough, Dave - The New York Post
   If Gov. Paterson thinks his withdrawal yesterday from this year's gubernatorial race is a proper substitute for outright resignation, he'd do well to think again.
Gov. Paterson makes the right choice - Syracuse Post-Standard
   The “accidental governor” was dealt a tough hand after Eliot Spitzer’s meltdown, and he often hasn’t played it well. But he has had some accomplishments, including overhaul of the misguided and damaging Rockefeller drug laws. The next few weeks should tell whether he has the opportunity to notch up any more.
- The Paterson Scandal Is Overblown - Lee Siegel/The Daily Beast
   So intense is our need for an outrage-fix that we turned innuendo into the instrument of a massive high and drugged ourselves into certainty that Paterson had traduced his office in the most thrilling way.
- For everyone's sake, please leave office, Gov. Paterson - The New York Daily News
- Paterson made the right decision - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
- Paterson jumps ship as the state sinks - Ken Tingley/Glens Falls Post-Star
- Paterson must fight lame-duck status - Poughkeepsie Journal

   It's enough to make you feel sorry for the guy.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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