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Should Gov. Paterson stay?

What say you? Should Gov. Paterson stay in office, or resign?

Today's news covered the latest scandal in Albany, and tomorrow we'll look at Gov. Paterson's increased opportunity to speak harsh financial truths in the Albany budget process -- IF he survives the intense pressure to resign now being brought to bear by NOW and others, and IF the Cuomo investigation he requested doesn't turn up evidence of criminal witness-tampering and the like. Those are pretty big ifs.

Ravitch and paterson Were Paterson to resign, the governorship would devolve upon Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch -- who, like Paterson, would be an appointed governor, not an elected one. And if Ravitch couldn't serve, the baton would pass to Temporary President of the Senate Malcolm A. Smith (at one point last year, that could have been Pedro Espada's role). And if Smith couldn't serve, it would be Gov. Sheldon Silver until the elections.

That's Ravitch at the right, by the way, backed by Gov. Paterson.

Cuomo's investigation is likely to take a few weeks. Since he's now the most likely Democratic candidate for Paterson's office, he's in an interesting spot. So are all the Democrats seeking reelection to the Legislature this year, as well as Sen. Gillibrand, because the gubernatorial race will have an impact on all of them. Just when you thought the Albany circus couldn't get any more bizarre ...


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