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Sunshine Week & the Obama administration

Today's editorial features a topic near and dear to our hearts, the start of Sunshine Week --, -- an annual campaign started by the American Society of Newspaper Editors. Although this presidential administration has gone a lot further than the previous one by allowing more sun to shine, President Obama still has not lived up to our or the public's expectations.

As the editorial states, Attorney General Eric Holder raised expectations by issuing an order that all records held by the federal government be made available to the public upon request, except in certain situations that are narrowly defined and where national security or personal privacy concerns prevail.

Current actions on health care legislation, whose details were handled behind closed doors, run contrary to the president's proclaimed openness.  Troubling still are cloaked negotiations that continue to be held by three men in a room in Albany, and that's to say nothing of our own local elected officials who feel far from obligated to share debate and data with their own constituency.

Blinding sunshine that scrubs everything clean remains elusive, and that's unfortunate for a free society.

Dawn Marie Bracely/Editorial Writer


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