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Editorial: Carl Paladino's candidacy

Some say politics is a blood sport. Well, in New York's gubernatorial race, it's just become a heck of a spectator sport as well.

After due consideration, The News reacts editorially today to Carl Paladino's candidacy, officially announced this week. Here it is, in a nutshell: Hey, Carl, welcome to the race!

We're not endorsing him or anybody else in this contest, yet. We generally don't endorse in primaries on the grounds that candidate selection is party business, not a general election (at least in this state, where crossover voting isn't allowed). We make exceptions only when the primary is tantamount to a general election -- as in the Democratic primaries for City of Buffalo positions.

But this is an interesting candidacy. Paladino is clearly a bomb-thrower -- that's what may make this such a spectator event -- and that means he'll keep some critically important state management and fiscal issues on the front burner, where they belong. As our editorial concludes, it will be good for New Yorkers to have someone in this race who can channel their justifiable anger.

We'll also say this: We love the word "gubernatorial."  But how come we don't call them Goobers?


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