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Welcome to the city of our (Detroit and Buffalo's) future

Today's Mitch Albom column bemoans, in his usual satirical style, the Detroit that is by offering his version of what could be. You know, the one where there are no burned-out houses and people walk to work because they live in the city.

The piece is particularly striking because of natural comparisons to Buffalo. Albom is wistful about a city that contains outdoor walkways that are more conducive to cold-weather cities and where there isn't some unspoken notion that the urban core is supposed to be black and the suburbs white.

"In my Detroit, people no longer act as if the city is supposed to be black, the suburbs are supposed to be white, and the two are supposed to be at war with each other." Or, for that matter, concerned about a "certain element" of seniors crowding their suburbs.

How about the future?

"In my Detroit, all city contracts are reviewed by an ethics board to look for conflicts of interest, favoritism or cronyism, because if you catch it before it starts, it won't start." Priceless.

"In my Detroit, you cannot sit on vacant property in major development zones," Albom writes. "Either you develop it, or you get fined so badly you'll sell it to someone who will." Does that ring a bell, Niagara Falls?

Later, "In my Detroit, we make Windsor a bigger partner, because how many U.S. cities can offer such a gateway to Canadians?"

Well, Mitch, Buffalo can. And, in our Buffalo ...

Dawn Marie Bracely/Editorial Writer 


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