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... GM upshifting

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- GM shifts gears - Buffalo News Editorial
   First, General Motors paid us our money back.
   Now, with the company actually reporting a quarterly profit for the first time in nearly three years, we have hope that General Motors can pay us our money back. ...
   For that to happen, GM will have to engineer its initial public offering, which may take place by the end of this year, in a way that the stock is an attractive investment.
   If that happens, the United States of America can sell, rather than dump, its 61 percent ownership of GM, not only making back its original investment, plus a little, but finding something happening on Wall Street that benefits the taxpayers instead of bleeding them.


- GM may be worth $67 billion. Really. - CNN
   What's GM worth? The answer will help determine if taxpayers are able to make a profit from the automaker's bailout.
Lube job - Phildelphia Inquirer Editorial
   The Obama administration was also quick to trumpet this success. Vice President Biden said last week that GM's paying back "its TARP loan in full, in full, is a huge accomplishment."
   Sort of.
- GM has plenty of good news to tout; why make up stuff? - Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial
   What GM really did was repay its TARP loan by tapping another pot of federal dollars. And as for paying back its bailout, well, Washington still owns 61 percent of the company.
   Car ads have often bent the truth a little; they're selling dreams, after all. But why bother when the facts are so promising?

- GM stretching of TARP truth troubling - Appleton Post-Cresent Editorial
   As the economic recovery inches along, the government needs to be more forthcoming with the public, even if it's not necessarily what people want to hear.
- Like a crock: GM's misleading ad - Manchester Union-Leader Editorial
   What you may not have heard is that Whitacre is being more misleading than a rookie used car salesman with a lot full of lemons and one day left in his pay period.

   Here's the spot:

Here's another version:

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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