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Great minds run in small circles

From today's Buffalo News:


From today's Washington Post:
- Barack Obama picks himself for the Supreme Court - Ezra Klein/The Washington Post
   In a very strange essay from February, Jeffrey Rosen argued -- presumably facetiously -- that Barack Obama should "nominate himself to replace John Paul Stevens." The reason? Obama's cerebral, Kagan detached style, his background, his deference to Congress and his temperament all spoke to the needs of the bench better than the needs of the White House. ...
   That was patently absurd for all the obvious reasons. But in choosing Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court, Obama might have done the next best thing: nominated someone exactly like himself.
Kagan It Is - Marc Ambinder/The Atlantic
   Kagan is part of the club. ... She tried to get Obama to become a Harvard Law prof. She and he are brilliant, detached, and of like minds. ... Like Obama, she seems to be a proponent of a vigorous constitutional system of balanced powers, in which Congress, the Courts and the Executive Branch compete transparently. Critics of her interpretation of the laws of war ought to realize that this interpretation reflects her boss's own.
Elena Obama - Editorial/The Wall Street Journal
   In selecting Elena Kagan to be the country's next Supreme Court Justice, President Obama has tapped the legal world's version of himself: a skillful politician whose cautious public persona belies a desire to transform the court and shape a new Constitutional liberalism.
- What the Elena Kagan pick says about President Obama - Glenn Thrush/Politico
   President Barack Obama’s decision to pick Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court reveals less about the nominee than the president’s own management style — a hybrid of principle and political calculation.
   It’s the audacity of caution.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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