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No hablo ingles. Don't know much about history.

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- School fails students - Buffalo News Editorial
   A hundred years ago, immigrant workers and their families would, over the course of time, obtain proficiency in the language of their newly adopted home country. Today, immigrant demographics have changed dramatically and so have the challenges in educating new arrivals who need to be up to speed much more quickly to qualify for higher-paying jobs that are heavy on English-language skills. 
  Buffalo schools are failing in their requirement to provide that education, according to a harshly critical report by the Council of Great City Schools. A wide gap between planning and implementation is leaving these students in the lurch. The district needs to plug those holes and, just as important, ensure that other well-conceived programs aren’t also failing at the classroom level.

- Sometimes, history hurts - Leonard Pitts/Miami Herald/Buffalo News
   History is not a Hallmark card. Sometimes, history breaks your heart. ...
   Gov. Jan Brewer just signed a law restricting ethnic studies courses in public schools. Having apparently Pitts_leonard decided she had not done enough to peeve Latino voters by signing a Draconian immigration bill a few days back, the governor went after a Mexican-American studies program in Tucson. But the prohibitions in the new law seem to say more about the mind-set of the governor than about any danger posed by ethnic studies. ...
   The problem with that reasoning is obvious: America is everyone else, a nation composed of other nations, a culture made of other cultures, a history built of other histories. And yes, sometimes, those histories will be hard to hear. But silence does not make a hard story go away. Silence only makes it fester, grow and, sometimes, explode. ...
   Granted, the challenge of incorporating those stories into the larger American story is daunting. The governor seems to fear what kind of nation we’ll be if we accept that challenge.
 I fear what kind we’ll be if we don’t.

   You knew this was coming:

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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