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Buffalo School Board races

The News takes editorial endorsements seriously, although there are those of you out there in cyber world who would disagree. We'll visit this again this fall, or course, but in the meantime there's an election dead ahead: Five district seats are up in the Buffalo Board of Education election on Tuesday.

Our endorsements are in today's paper: Patricia E. Devis (North), Mary Ruth Kapsiak (Central), the Rev. Kinzer M. Pointer (Ferry), Ralph R. Hernandez (West) and Theresa A. Harris-Tigg (East).

The editorial staff here reviewed and talked to candidates, sought input from those with years of experience on educational issues in the community and on staff, and developed our recommendations for readers to use as one of the factors in reaching their own decisions on how to vote. Your comments on this election, and the choices, are welcome.

In this video, Buffalo Board of Education candidates give their opinions on issues facing Buffalo Public Schools:

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