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WNY seeks CoP, lunch, wine

   What does Western New York want? Not much. According to today's Opinion section, just a good police commissioner, a really nice place to eat near the Falls and a good bottle of New York wine.

- What national search? - Buffalo News Editorial
   Whether you believe Buffalo's mayor and his staff have been conducting a full-out, intensive national Brownandcops search for the next police commissioner, or whether you believe it has been more along the lines of a cursory 2.0 version on a number of free Web sites, there's no doubt that Buffalo deserves the best and brightest.
   Some lawmakers are questioning whether the administration has made a significant effort in finding a replacement for H. McCarthy Gipson, whom
Mayor Byron W. Brown dumped in late December. ...
   For police commissioner, one might want someone who has gone through professional training such as the
FBI National Academy, considered a fundamental requirement to be a midlevel manager in some departments.
[Photo: Mayor Byron Brown, shown in 2006 with then-Police Commissioner H. McCarthy Gipson and then-Deputy Commissioner Daniel Derenda, seems intent on appointing Derenda, now interim commissioner, to the top post without a national search.]

- Don’t let up - Buffalo News Editorial
   Even the Niagara Falls—or the Grand Canyon, or the Golden Gate Bridge—can only hold visitors in awe for so long before something else occurs to them.
   What’s to eat?
   The answer to that question for the City of Niagara Falls should include the dream of Niagara County Community College to create a culinary institute in that city’s downtown. If the idea of placing that school in the largely derelict Rainbow Centre mall can’t be made to work, and soon, then it is time to look elsewhere in the neighborhood.

- Balanced proposal for supermarkets helps everyone - Scott Osborn/Fox Run Vineyards
   With New York staring into the budget abyss and searching for creative ways to generate revenue, a vastly popular win-win proposal already exists, one that will raise critically needed revenue, create jobs and support small businesses: the sale of wine in grocery stores.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News



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