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Albany: The Inepticenter

   Editorials about the New York Legislature today. They fouled up the state budget, and wacked UB in the process.

- Choking on a budget - Buffalo News Editorial
   Gloating was cut to a minimum for state lawmakers Monday as Gov. David A. Paterson quickly vetoed a poorly conceived attempt to avoid tough political decisions, in the form of a budget that spent money the Inepticenter state doesn't have.
   Paterson vetoed the education aid package of the budget, in which Democratic legislators sought to restore $419 million in cuts during this fiscal year … a move that would play well in home districts during this election year, but would keep New York in red ink as at least some state officials try to deal with a $9.5 billion deficit. That struggle now continues.
- Legislative bosses made a bad budget situation worse - New York Daily News Editorial
- Albany clowns don't know own price tag - Bill Hammond/New York Daily News
- Ugly budget -- but a pretty precedent - E.J. McMahon/New York Post
- Only themselves to blame - Syracuse Post Standard Editorial
- Albany falls to pieces - Poughkeepsie Journal Editorial  
- The Wrong Way and the Right Way - New York Times Editorial
   New York City’s budgeting process may not be perfect, but it was the height of fiscal responsibility compared to Albany.

   - A setback for UB - Buffalo News Editorial

   Chalk this up as a State Legislature accomplishment: New York’s universities have been impoverished, and have been kept from helping themselves and the cause of higher education in this state.
   In attempting to minimize political pain in a tight-times budget, lawmakers accepted Gov. David A. Paterson’s $152.4 million executive budget cut for the State University/City University of New York system but rejected its trade-off — the Public Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act — that could have delivered an expanded, economy enhancing university to Western New York. SUNY and the University at Buffalo got slapped — twice.
   Worse, defeat for the statewide version of the UB 2020 plan came when local Democratic Sen.William T. Stachowski dropped his threat to withhold his crucial vote unless the plan was included in the flawed two-house budget passed Monday.
   Stachowski’s thin claim to the affections of Western New Yorkers hung from his championship of the UB 2020 plan, and his caving in on Monday was the second step in a two-step failure; had he not meekly accepted a lesser post instead of the powerful Finance Committee chairman-ship he was promised as Democrats sought control of the Senate in the last election, this region might have had enough clout to get this measure passed.
   Update: Democrats say SUNY plan is still alive

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News   


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