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Good call ...

   The lead editorial in today's Buffalo News Opinion section says the president made a good decision.

- Obama's wise decisions - Buffalo News Editorial
   President Obama has replaced the commander who was losing the war in Afghanistan with the only Obamapetraeus general who may have a chance to win it.
   If, that is, the president will let him. ...
Changing generals was a good decision. Now the president has to make some other changes. To start out, he has to make three things clear:
   - Petraeus is in charge. Obama trusts him; he has given him authority to run the war to the best possible conclusion without over-supervising it from the White House.
   - Obama has to renounce "We'll be out in 12 months, Taliban, so keep killing our troops until then and we guarantee we will leave."
   - Finally, there has been constant conflict between U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and
[Afghan President Hamid] Karzai. While Karzai is less than ideal, he is the only Afghanistan leader we have to deal with. Eikenberry has to go.

- Can a new commander improve the dire situation in Afghanistan? - Fred Kaplan/Slate
   McChrystal is out, Petraeus is in. Civilian authority is reasserted, with no real compromise to the military mission. Good news, masterfully played. Now what? Or, to put it more crudely, so what?

- Petraeus knows how to operate - David Ignatius/The Washington Post
   Gen. David Petraeus didn’t sign on as the new Afghanistan commander because he expects to lose.
- Petraeus Vs. The Mafia - Peter Galbraith/The Daily Beast
   At General Petraeus’ confirmation hearing, senators should bear down on two questions: Can the U.S. counterinsurgency strategy work without a credible Afghan partner? And is Karzai’s government a credible partner? The honest answer to both questions is no.
McChrystal Forces Us to Focus - Peggy Noonan/The Wall Street Journal [subscription required]
   The real news there this week was not Gen. McChrystal's epic faux pas and dismissal but that 12 soldiers were killed on June 7-8, including five Americans by a roadside bomb, making that "the deadliest 24 hour period this year," as The Economist noted.
- After McChrystal - The Economist Leader [That's Brit for "Editorial"]
   Mr Obama once described the fighting in Afghanistan as “a war of necessity”. The president must now put necessity aside and pose two fundamental questions. Can the American-led coalition still win in Afghanistan? And if so, how? 
- Afghanistan: The 7/11 problem - Charles Krauthammer/The Washington Post
   He is worried that Obama is too committed to the July, 2011, date as a deadline to leave Afghanistan.
- Nation building in Afghanistan? That's Afghans' job - Eugene Robinson/The Washington Post
   He is worred that Obama is not committed enough to the July, 2011, date as a deadline to leave Afghanistan.

- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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