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Good. Good. Good.

   A three-fer in today's Buffalo News editorial column. And all of them full of praise. Must be spring.

- Capitalizing on the Canal - Buffalo News Editorial
   New York's Erie Canal is not just something to read about in history books. It is still there, a sometimes beautiful, always valuable, waterway that, with other channels in the system, meanders along for more than 500 miles. ...
   The Canalway Water Trail, which the corporation hopes to expand in the future, pinpoints the spots where people can launch their powerboats or paddleboats into the historic waterway. For free. ...
   New York's canals are not an asset to be squandered. The new trail map is a welcome effort toward putting them to their highest and best use.

- Honors for City Honors - Buffalo News EditorialCityhonors
   We are so used to dealing with difficulty in this struggling city that we sometimes fail to appreciate the excellence within. There is a lot of it to be found, but the example we have in mind today is a component of the often-maligned Buffalo Public School District. City Honors has been recognizedagain — as one of the best public high schools in the entire nation. That’s something to cheer about.
   More below.

- Service in the public spirit - Buffalo News Editorial
   Something very public-spirited is happening at County Hall — something that speaks well of one of the region’s best known corporations. National Fuel has sent one of its executives, Jeffrey F. Hart, to serve as top deputy to Erie County Executive Chris Collins. The company will continue to pay Hart’s salary while Hart, himself, will donate his county salary to charity.
   The arrangement speaks well of all involved and represents a pattern that, carefully implemented, would be worth repeating in other levels of government.

   Newsweek also offered a list of the Best Movies About High School. This one was first:

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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