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Lazy. Loonie.

    Today's Buffalo News Opinion section editorials: Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda. Oughta, 'eh?

- Government in the dock - Buffalo News Editorial
   What do the stockholders of BP and the fishermen of the Gulf Coast have in common?
   A futile wish that the
federal government had refused to issue a permit for the well that the Deepwater Adamlossofhabitat Horizon was drilling on April 20 when the rig blew up, killing 11 workers and beginning what has now been two months of an unrelenting flow of black goo.
   Or, failing that, a wistful image of a real disaster plan, sharpened by federal or state experts, that might have ended the leak after a few days, or even hours, instead of the weeks and months we're all facing now.
   Businesses the world over
complain about how much government regulation can harm them. And, sometimes, it does.
   But sometimes it can
save their bacon. ...
   On a day-to-day basis, corporations will always try to get by with a minimum of expense for a maximum of profit. But, on the wider perspective ... a proper regulatory structure is not a business killer. It is a business saver.
real business leaders should be at the head of the line in demanding that we have one.
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- It’s the economy ... - Buffalo News Editorial
   With apologies to Monty Python, let’s play spot the loonie. And, having spotted it, let’s also be nice to it.
   A recent story in The Buffalo News shows that a number of Western New York merchants don’t like accepting Canadian dollars, known as the loonie for the engraving of a loon on the coin’s back. Some refuse to take it, some charge more than the going exchange rate. It sends a terrible signal to Canadian shoppers whose willingness to spend here is an important component of our retail economy.

   About that loonie [turn your volume down first]:


-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News



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