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When science works, and technology fails ...

   A scientific bent to today's Buffalo News editorials:

- Expand DNA databank - Buffalo News Editorial
   ... Gov. David A. Paterson last week proposed another expansion of New York's DNA database, and Dna lawmakers should approve it. ...
   The goal of the proposed change, Paterson said, is to catch criminals, prevent crime and exonerate individuals wrongly convicted. It will do at least one other thing, as well: It will decrease the chance that an innocent person will be wrongfully convicted.
- Tighten measures for DNA database - Poughkeepsie Journal Editorial
   Expanding the database makes sense, but the state needs both the resources and a comprehensive plan to handle the consequences of that expansion. Otherwise, lawmakers shouldn't approve it.
- The Innocence Project

- Painful lessons in the gulf - Buffalo News Editorial
   Toward the end of the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” as a platoon of white-shirted engineers were using the pinnacle of 1970s technology to communicate with the visiting space ships, one of the NASA-looking technicians was heard to mutter, “I hope somebody’s taking all this down.”
   We’re a long way from the end of the
gulf oil spill, an event that is unlikely to have an uplifting Spielbergian ending. But the engineers who work for the oil industry and for the government agencies that were supposed to be watching over their shoulders are making some progress in closing the pipe and cleaning up the mess.
   They are at least finding out a few things that don’t work. Somebody better be taking all this down.
- Obama administration should consider alternatives to its current drilling moratorium - New Orleans Times-Picayune Editorial
   The scientists and experts who opposed the administration's current moratorium said it is wrongly punishing innocent workers. They are right. That's why the Obama administration should replace this ban with measures that will improve safety without choking our economy.
- The joke's on us - Pensacola News Journal Editorial
   The Associated Press last week "capped" the gushing spill of information confirming the failure of regulation in an examination of BP's oil spill response plans. They included a 582-page regional plan for the Gulf and a 52-page "site specific" plan for responding to a spill from the Deepwater Horizon, the source of the current mess.
   To put it simply, the plans were a joke.
- Don't halt offshore drilling; make it safer - Dallas Morning News Editorial
   Accidents happen, but growing evidence indicates that this severe a catastrophe was preventable with better behavior by both BP and federal regulators. Let's be ready for the next one.
Insults Across The Water - Timothy Egan/The New York Times
   American anger has little to do with the island nation and everything to do with a multinational corporation that has appeared tone deaf and negligent

   "It's the first day of school, fellas:"

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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