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A good walk, sprouted

- A great weekend for a walk - Buffalo News Editorial Board

   Sometimes, things creep up on you. One day you plant a seed, next thing you know, you’ve got a garden. Or, in the case of Buffalo, a garden walk.
   This weekend is Garden Walk Buffalo, a terrific event that has blossomed from just 29 gardens in 1995 Gardenwalk to more than 350 this year. It’s the largest free garden walk in the country, and while that is a remarkable feat on its own, what it has done for Buffalo and the rest of Western New York is even better.
   First of all, the idea has spread, around Western New York and the nation. Growing out of Buffalo’s success, 18 other garden walks have sprung up around Western New York. So did the National Buffalo Garden Festival, successfully wrapping up its first year.
   Some 73 garden writers, including bloggers, visited Buffalo this month to check the scene for themselves. When they left, according to one leading tourism official, they took with them “a profound appreciation for this community’s beauty, creativity, neighborliness and self-reliance.” ...
   When people come here, they are stunned at what we have and what we too often fail to appreciate ourselves. Just last week, journalist Cokie Roberts identified Buffalo (correctly, in our opinion) as “one of the most beautiful cities on Earth.” Yes, we’ve got it and, with the developments under way in Buffalo, we’ll be getting more.
   Garden Walk Buffalo is a component of our “it,” and not an insignificant one, either. Check it out for yourself. If visitors are coming to Buffalo to appreciate the beauty of its gardens, shouldn’t those of us who live here do the same?

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-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News   



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