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Finding energy.

   Buffalo News Opinion section editorialistias today celebrate the growing use of alternative energy to power buildings and the release of some human potential in New York public schools.

- Boost alternative energy - Buffalo News Editorial
  As the millions of gallons of oil spilled and the billions of dollars of corporate and taxpayer assets spent in the Gulf of Mexico attest, the fossil-fuel economy is no cheap fix.
   The large-scale development of alternative sources of energy has been put off for decades, largely on theSolarpanels belief that they are somehow more expensive than the petroleum-based powerhouses we have relied on since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. And, measured in the most shortsighted ways possible, they usually are.
   If nothing else, solar energy, wind energy and the like are often seen as economic losers because their profits will not accumulate to the same powerful and well-connected corporations that we are accustomed to paying for our wasteful lifestyles.
   At the same time, the pollution that is the unavoidable byproduct of a carbon-based economy -- from the strip mine to the smokestack -- is not generally figured into the prices we pay per gallon, or per kilowatt-hour, or even per thousand cubic feet. Those costs show up in our taxes, our health care bills and other things that are detrimental to our quality of life -- such as the need to police the world and protect ourselves from petro-financed terrorism. ...
   Solar and wind energy ... may cost us money now in taxpayer subsidies or higher cost kilowatts. But those price tags can only come down as the technology advances and adoption becomes more widespread. And those price tags are much more likely to be complete, with none of the asterisks or hidden charges that come with fossil-fuel power.
   Energy should be like that. Clear as sunshine. Transparent as wind.

- Reckless calls at Deepwater Horizon - New Orleans Times-Picayne Editorial
- BP should share research about impact of oil spill - Biloxi [Miss.] Sun Herald Editorial 
- Oil slick - Santa Rosa Press-Democrat Editorial
   But even if the leak has been controlled, the catastrophic effects of BP’s myriad failures will continue for a long time.
- Seafood safety - Dothan [Ala.] Eagle Editorial
- Oil giants form joint oil-spill-fighting venture without BP - MarketWatch
   Four of the big five Western oil majors have formed a $1 billion nonprofit joint venture aimed at combating future oil spills, possibly to head off stricter offshore-drilling rules.
- New York Power Authority's Great Lakes Offshore Wind Project and 100 MW Solar Photovoltaic Initiative.   


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