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Games show

- Let the Games begin - Buffalo News Editorial
   Welcome, friends, to the Empire State Games, Buffalo style. Western New York is full of athletes and visitors today, competing or cheering as the state’s best athletes gather for the first Empire State Games Empiregames in two years.
   That’s part of what makes this event unique to Buffalo. The games were canceled last year as the recession dried up the state’s revenue stream. The same would have happened this year but for the remarkable generosity of one of Buffalo’s many civic-minded corporations.
   Recognizing the value of the games to the state and the region, First Niagara Bank stepped into the breach, putting up a $500,000 donation—largest in the games’ history — and challenging other businesses to do their part. They did, and because they did, Western New Yorkers have the chance to attend today’s opening ceremonies and other events and do their part to welcome these athletes.
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-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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