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Let the Wookiee tweet

   For filing in the You're Just Jealous You Didn't Think Of It First folder:

 WikiLeaks may or may not have revealed secrets, outed spies, helped democracy or hurt the war effort. [WikiLeaks case prompts calls from some intelligence veterans for tighter access to US secrets - AP/Buffalo News] 

But it has spawned one wonderful Internet offering.


   A few of the better ones:

- "Death Star power core vent shaft vulnerability was a construction fault! Sienar Fleet Systems product Chewbacca recall imminent" 

- "John Yoo authors legal memo approving Vader's use of torture droids during 'enhanced interrogation'. "

- "Those WERE the droids they were looking for."

- "Reports of 'large reactor leak'; suspiciously coinciding with massive security personnel presence on Detention Block AA-23"

- "Han shot first."

   Tips of the Imperial Helmet to Wired and The Atlantic Wire

- Are Jedi Knights Libertarian or Socialist? - Max Fisher/The Atlantic Wire

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News  


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