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Storm in a port.

   The Buffalo News Opinion page editorializes on the latest controversies to dog the Erie Canal Harbor and the happy return of the Empire State Games to Western New York.

- Crunch time - Buffalo News Editorial
   Impatience with waterfront redevelopment bubbled over this week with a new initiative and a new demand, both of them understandable but unwise.
   One was a move by the city and harbor developers to bribe the Common Council to do the right thing -- Canalsidefense abandon an earlier bad idea to impose a development-discouraging living wage requirement on a small development parcel designed as a restaurant, retail and entertainment zone. The Council should reject that based on logic, not on a proposed $1 million per district package that may or may not be spent to seed long-term neighborhood growth.
   The second was Rep. Brian Higgins' demand [letter] that Bass Pro either sign or cut bait within 14 days. The idea of a deadline is appealing, but 14 days is an artificially short span given the lack of any specific alternative at this point. Higgins, who has done more than anyone to win funding and push Canal Side along, speaks only generally of bridges and infrastructure, or office relocation to the district.
   That's not a specific enough alternative to warrant resetting the clock to zero on the Aud site, and may not be necessary given Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. President Thomas Dee's contention earlier this month that Bass Pro would finish lease reviews and sign by mid-August.
- No Bass Pro would be best for waterfront - Donn Esmonde/The Buffalo News
   Despite what some officials of little faith believe, there is a Plan B: Develop, step by step, our waterfront resource. Finally build a cross-channel bridge. Put in streets and sidewalks, with bars and restaurants in canal-era buildings. People will come. They already come, drawn by the water and the historic site, without so much as a hot dog stand there.
- Bass Pro is surely no silver bullet - David Robinson/The Buffalo News
- Bass Pro outlines plan for Pyramid's development 'like an amusement park' - Memphis Commercial Appeal
- Still no Bass Pro Shops, but a chunk of land changing hands anyway - Bakersfield Californian 

   Really, this is all we're trying to do:


-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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