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Those who try hardest

- Help for special-ed athletes - Buffalo News Editorial
   It’s too late for Jordan Maliken. But the efforts by, and on behalf of, the former Amherst Central High School student-athlete will make it possible for others in his situation to take full advantage of what New Maliken York high school sports programs offer.
   Maliken, who has since graduated from Amherst Central and moved on with his life, was denied the opportunity to run with his school’s track team for a fifth season even though, as a special education student, he was readily accepted as a student for a fifth year of high school.
   Now the state Board of Regents has unanimously voted to change the rules so that district superintendents may permit fifth-year special education students to continue participating in certain sports just as they continue with their education. ...
   The Regents have correctly recognized that this alteration — call it the Jordie Rule — should not result in schools cooking themselves unfair advantages by hanging onto star point guards or skilled quarterbacks for another year of eligibility. Any school that tries that should be slapped down, hard.
   The new rule is not about cheap wins. It’s about rewarding those who try the hardest.

- Fifth-year disabled students can play sports - Michelle Kearns/The Buffalo News 

- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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