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... Some things [mostly] done

- Getting out of things - Buffalo News Editorial
   Recent days brought welcome news that the U.S. government’s occupation of two territories — Iraq and General Motors — are entering hopeful new phases.
   Neither problem is completely solved, and the Obama administration is wise enough not to be flying anyDadscominghomeMission Accomplished” banners for either theater of operations.
   But the progress is real.
   First, Iraq. The other day the last designated combat unit deployed to Iraq, the 4th Stryker Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division, rolled through the desert and into Kuwait two weeks ahead of the deadline envisioned by the president who ran on a promise to end the war there.
   Behind the brigade were 2,711 days of violence, the deaths of 4,415 Americans and an untold number of Iraqis, and some 50,000 American troops still in country with various missions, all dangerous but none described as a combat assignment. ...
   From closer to home came news that General Motors has filed the voluminous paperwork required to publicly offer stock in its reborn self. Among the sellers of stock is to be the United States, holder of equity valued at $43 billion.
   The company is not out of the woods yet, but it is has restructured itself, slimmed down its work force and brand structure and is now confident enough to take off the training wheels and again go forward on its own.
   The fact is that swift and decisive action by the federal government saved GM, might yet save Chrysler and made it possible for Ford to go forward ... That action averted liquidations and layoffs that could have tipped the balance of recession into full-blown global depression.
   The realistic hope is that, after the stock is valued and sold, the taxpayers will not only get their GM money back, they might even make a tidy profit.
   Missions, well, over. To much relief.

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-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News   


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