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A bridge to somewhere

   The Peace Bridge takes forever. Bass Pro got away. Here's something we might get done:

 - Build the (other) bridge - Buffalo News Editorial
   A long-moldering pot of federal money that was once -- excuse the expression -- earmarked for a new bridge to Buffalo's outer harbor has been diverted to other uses, and may disappear altogether. That realization should inspire local leaders to start looking for new money to fund a project that has only become more important as time has gone by.
   Rep. Brian Higgins, D-Buffalo, is on the case and, given his track record, has a good chance. But other federal, state and local officials should lend aid. It's that important. ...
   And, the congressman says, the bridge itself is now much more than just a concept. Plans are already taking professionally designed shape under the wing of the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp., which means that renewed requests for funds can be accompanied by something other than a drawing on the back of a Capitol Hill napkin. ...
   This is not only a genuine build-it-and-they-will-come project, it is clearly a public improvement, not just a favor for a business or two. Let's build this one.

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