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Do the right thing: Paterson should, Collins did

   The cock-eyed optimists in The Buffalo News Opinion corner today hope for a good outcome in the tax disputed between the State of New York and the Seneca Nation, and praise the Erie County decision to restore funding for child care subsidies:

- Negotiate with Senecas - Buffalo News Editorial
   The law and justice are on the side of Gov. David A. Paterson’s plan to start collecting state taxes on tobacco products sold by the state’s Native American nations.
   That doesn’t mean the governor won’t have to be very careful in the way he follows through with that pledge.
   [State lawyers win another round in cigarette tax battle - Buffalo News
   Paterson said last week that he had been warned by his own State Police that “violence and death” could be the result of any effort to go against the Seneca and Oneida nations’ long-standing and heartfelt Daveandmike opposition to collecting or paying state taxes. Previous pledges to collect the taxes have been met with demonstrations and confrontations, and have resulted in state officials giving up. ...
   If the governor can keep a cool head—ignore the intemperate advice from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to “put on his cowboy hat” and stand up to the Indians —he might be able to work something out.
   And, like it or not, the Senecas are not only within but part of a larger community. Paterson might gently remind the native leaders that, despite their protestations of independence, their tribal members are not so divorced from New York State. They do, after all, avail themselves of everything from education and welfare to police protection and access to public infrastructure that are funded by, yes, state taxes.
   The fairness the Native nations seeks should reflect that fact.
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- More families will get help - Buffalo News Editorial
   County Executive Chris Collins has done the right thing in restoring some child care subsidies as Albany promises $6 million more in additional aid in the state’s current budget year. ...
   [More families eligible for subsidies - Buffalo News 8/24/10
   It was a hard pill to swallow for many families, which had to figure out how to balance child care and low-wage jobs. The cost of unsubsidized child care made a trip back to the welfare rolls likely, if not a rush on Medicaid and food stamps and any number of other tax-supported programs. ...
  This latest development cannot be attributed to any moral or policy epiphany. It’s simply a matter of finance. But making more working families eligible for child care subsidies is the right thing to do.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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